Sagittarius Woman And Taurus Man

Taurus man always requires being in charge in the relationship of the duo. He will like to make all the decisions and would like the woman to follow. But this will be very difficult for the independent minded Sagittarius.


She will require freedom and will not like this type of restrictions. Rigidity of Taurus man is bound to clash quite often with the vacillation of the Sagittarius woman. Yet despite all the differences, the compatibility is not impossible either.

The Taurus Man and Sagittarius Woman combination of earth and fire is odd but understanding and compromise can do the trick for them.

Highly private, relaxed and even keeled, Taurus man may lose patience when tested and has an unhealthy fury. Taurus man does not appreciate interlopers either in work or in relationships. Loyalty and commitment is essential for him in relationship. Sagittarius is open minded, free-spirited and vivacious and is interested in adventures and searching out and exploring things. Initially at least; this matches fine with Taurus man’s needs.

Sagittarius woman is incurably optimistic and has quite amazing abilities to come out of difficult and trying situations in a short time span. But at times the outspokenness of Sagittarius may be considered as insensitive by others. However, she can make up the lack of romance and frills by her responsible manners and commitments to Taurus. Sagittarius woman would be drawn into relationships that would bring up new adventures for her.

Taurus man provides her with both specialty feelings and companionship with a good bond of friendship and Sagittarius woman makes a frank and open minded partner for him. At times the stubbornness of Taurus will come on the way of the relationship.

Taurus man is practical and one of the safest choices for Sagittarius woman but may not like the appetite for adventures with the latter. He provides her with the best love in raw form and loads of care to keep her safe from the worries as well as the rough patches of life.

Sagittarius woman will enjoy for most part this attitude but at times may feel too bound by the stern attitude of the Taurus man. Fire can give warmth to cold earth and provide a soft fragrance of love with fumes up from the core. It can fill the life of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman with pleasant affection and feeling of togetherness. Sexual life will be highly exciting and both will enjoy purely physical side of sex as the focus will be undeniably on the physical side of sex. Relationship of Taurus man and Sagittarius woman will not be that smooth but can become so if both exercise caution and restraint in their relationship.

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